24 in Twenty-10: Scripture Memory Verse #12

Good Tuesday afternoon, sistas!! (It was afternoon when I wrote this)

I’m writing to you while on the road to Colorado… got some good Motown, 60’s and 70’s tunes blaring in the CD player and I’m singing my lungs out with soul sista Aretha Franklin.  Normally I always sing lead vocals in the car, but I don’t mind singing back up to the Queen of Soul on a few tunes.  Rest assured I have plenty of praise and worship tunes in the deck, but sometimes ya just gotta get down with some oldies-but-goodies!  I’m not so sure my held-captive audience of one (John Tolson) is enjoying day 2 of my SUV concert as much as he did yesterday.  Pity.  I think he’s feeling more like a held-hostage audience of one.  But what’s a girl to do for 16 hours in the car?  SING!  I haven’t had a real vacation since summer 2008… unless you consider Baylor Hospital a vacation destination (not so much).  I’m just happy to be feeling so good and sooo much COOLER than I was 48 hours ago!  Can I just tell you that it’s 68 degrees outside!!  Glory!  Anyway… it just makes me want to sing my fool head off! And I am!

We interrupt this blog for a short performance of “Daydream Believer” with Davy Jones and the Monkees.  Anybody remember that one?  (“Cheer up Sleepy Jean, oh what can it mean to our daydream believer and our homecoming queen…”).

OK, back to blogging…

So, it’s JUNE 15th and that means we are at the halfway point of our 24 in Twenty-10 Scripture memory challenge!!  HOORAY FOR YOU, DARLING FRIENDS!!  12 verses tucked in your “belt of Truth”!  Are you using them?  How is meditating and memorizing Scripture changing you, what are you learning, what kind of successes and victories have you seen as you’ve used the Word of God in your present circumstances?  I want to hear from you as you check in with your memory verses this week.

One of my “life verses” is Isaiah 26:8 and I have decided to memorize it in the New English Translation for my 24 in Twenty-10 collection:

“Yes, as your judgments unfold, O Lord, we wait for You.  We desire Your fame and reputation to grow.”  (Isaiah 26:8 NET)

Driving through these magnificent Colorado Rocky Mountains, I am again awestruck at the miracle of God’s creation and His signature of greatness stamped into everything.  Never lose your awe of Him, sistas!!  Nothing shouts “GOD IS!” to me more than the majestic mountains and wide, open spaces of Colorado.  Stunning!  And I thank You, Lord, for reminding me again that it’s all about You!  It’s always all about You!  Everything You’ve created, everything You do… it’s all about You; and yet we foolish humans in our self-driven culture continue to try to make it all about us and it’s wearing us out!!

Here’s a good word: “The goal of the American dream is to make much of ourselves.  The goal of the gospel is to make much of God.” (David Platt, “Radical”)

Think about that!

I know this is not what John Denver meant when he penned “Rocky Mountain High”, but I am already having one, big Colorado Rocky Mountain high with the Most High!!

Love you a bunch!

XO – P