“24 in Twenty-10” Scripture Memory: Verse #2

My, oh, my!  WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?  It will be Christmas again before we know it!!  But for now it’s already January 15th and time to commit another Scripture verse to memory!!!  I’m so proud of y’all… so many of you have emailed me and commented to the blog with your memory verse; it’s been so fun to hear from you… I love your excitement and determination!  Please continue to respond (just click on “leave a comment” at the end of the blog) so that we can share our verses with one another and work as a TEAM!  It’s so much more fun that way.  🙂

After the introductory post I received feedback from some of you asking for tips on “how to” memorize Scripture.  So, I put together a little 6-step process that I use and that I think could be a help to you all, too.  Take a look at the following 4 (yes – four, but short) video clips and I”ll walk you through it.  I’ve also written out the steps for you below, after the videos.  OK!  Here ya go:

Scripture Memory Tips: Part 1


Scripture Memory Tips: Part 2


Scripture Memory Tips: Part 3


Scripture Memory Tips: Part 4


I sure hope you found that helpful.  I’ve repeated the steps for you, again, (at the end of the blog) so you’ll have it in written form.  Here’s my second verse; the theme of this verse for me is “contentment” so that’s what I want to remember first as I begin. OK… here goes. 

Contentment:  Psalm 131:1-2 

“My heart is not proud, O Lord, my eyes are not haughty.  I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me.  But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother, like a weaned child is my soul within me.”     Psalm 131:1-2

 So, let me hear back from you with your memory verse !  I’m praying for you, dear ones… praying like crazy that you will come to know God better, know His love for your in new ways, and that you will gain the all-surpassing victory by claiming His Truth in your circumstances!  Have a blast!

I love you a bunch!!! 

xo – P 

Now, let’s take our 6 steps (below) and begin the memorizing and meditating on some TRUTH!

“24 in Twenty-10” Scripture Memory Challenge

6 Steps to Scripture Memory

 Remember: The goal of Scripture memory is to renew our minds with God’s Truth.   Romans 12:2

  • Begin w/ prayer asking God to help you think new thoughts over your present and past reality;
  • Replacing your thoughts with His thoughts is the key to transforming your mind.
  • Don’t become “task-oriented” with this – but be relationship oriented!  It’s all about Him!
  • Treasure this time with your loving Father in His marvelous Word.  Let it be the thing you look forward to!

#1 – Relate to it:

Choose a verse that is personal to you in your season now.  Maybe you sense an emotional and spiritual connection with a verse that resonates with your spirit as a Word you need now.

#2 – Read it through:

Read it through “in context” of the passage of Scripture that contains the verse so that you’ll have a better understanding of it.  I recommend taking the time to read the entire chapter it’s contained in, too.  Then read it through in 2 or 3 different translations to get a better understanding of the passage (check out www.biblegateway.com).

Read it through thoughtfully, thinking it through by asking good questions like: What’s the topic or theme; who’s talking; what’s being said, etc.

#3 – Write it out:

Once you’ve selected your verse in the translation you want to memorize it in, write it in your index card book and on sticky notes – posting them wherever you’ll see your verse throughout the day (dashboard, bathroom mirror, on your computer or your alarm clock).

#4 – Rehearse it:

1.) Say it out loud!  Get in the practice of hearing your own voice speaking out God’s Truth.

2.) Start with the topic, then the reference (chapter & verses), then say the verse, then end with the reference again.

3.) Take it phrase by phrase; when you get stuck, start at the beginning of the phrase, then link the phrases together.

4.) Sing it out, shout it out, cry it out, whisper it!  These are just a few of the ways the men and women of the Bible talked to God.  Hey, if it worked for them…!

#5 – Respond to it:

 Respond to the verse by talking to God about it, then respond with it in the form of a prayer.  Sleep on it – making it your last prayer or thought of the day as you drift off to sleep.

#6 – Rule with it:

Psalm 119:133 says, “Direct my footsteps according to your Word; let no sin rule over me.”  Remember that the weapons God has given us to fight with are “… the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.  And pray(er)…” (Ephesians 6:17-18a).  We can have success in memorizing Scripture and still not get the victory in our thought life if we don’t use the Word.  We’ve got to look at this like learning a new language and then start thinking in that language as well as speaking in that language. 

So… use it, sister, use it!  Replace your thoughts with God’s thoughts.  Every single time that old message starts to repeat, take up your Sword… or “switch blade”, get that Scripture and say it… pray it… sing it, whatever- just use it!  

We can do this, girls!!