24 in Twenty-10: Scripture Memory Verse #6

Dear Ones – I beg your forgiveness!  It has taken me forever to get my thoughts out in this blog and I’m still not sure I’ve done a very good job of it, or a complete job of it, so I’ll get right to it –

 My Scripture memory verse #6 –    Isaiah 43:18-19

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.”  (Isaiah 43:18-19)

According to the calendar, spring has not officially sprung, but it sure does feel like it.  At least my mind and heart are willing it to be spring right now.  As much as I like the winter (and I really do like winter), I’m ready for a change.  Not just for warmer weather, or a change in the color palette of the landscape surrounding me, or a change from the cloudy, gray days that make me want to stay indoors or, for crying out loud, a change in my wardrobe!  I’m simply ready for a change to… something else; something new.  It seems as though God timed the length of the seasons to know just when we’ve grown too accustomed to or weary of same-old-same-old, and are ready for another.  These seasons of nature are for the most part, predictable; we know when they’ll start and when they’ll end – although the effects of them may start a bit sooner or last a bit longer.     

All seasons eventually come to an end, and a new one begins.

And so it is with the seasons of life.  Kinda.  These seasons range from being fairly predictable to very unpredictable.  I’ve just journeyed through a few: breast cancer (never saw that one coming); my Daddy’s recent death (predictable, except for the date); taking a break from teaching (somewhat unpredictable); a reunion with family and friends (unpredictable).  How about you?  Look back over the last few years at the different “seasons” of your life; predictable or unpredictable?  Maybe you’ve found that two or three seasons went on much longer than you expected or would have liked (financial crisis, illness).  Maybe you’re still in one (raising kiddos).  Maybe one was cut short (divorce, job loss, relocation). 

As a new season begins we can still see traces of the one before it.  I can look outside right now and see the tiniest bright green buds on the tips of leafless, gray tree limbs; tulip bulbs pushing their blooms up through the frozen, winter-scarred grass; and robins starting the renovation of their nests now in plane site, but soon to be hidden by the lush new growth of spring. 

Our life seasons are no different; a new season begins, yet we carry with us into it memories, reminders and, yes, some “scars” from the one before.  And it all has purpose.  Every season has a purpose in it.  The unplanned, unpredictable seasons of your life and mine, those seasons that have passed by quickly and the ones that have left their work permanently etched into the fabric of our being, have been fully authored and fully known by God since before the foundation of the earth; they are rich with God-ordained purpose in each one of them… even the freezing cold seasons and the very hot seasons.  Being intentional in everything He does, God wastes nothing, my friend.  Every season has a purpose.  And if we’re walking by faith – trusting Him… looking for Him in the midst of our “season”, then we will find Him and His purpose for us in it… and it will be life-changing. 

Every season changes, and every season changes us.  And though the Author of all seasons is changeless, He continues to shape and mold us… yes, changing us through each season of our life by doing a “new thing”.  If we let Him! 

I know what you’re thinking: “I hate change” and “New is not always better”.  But sister, believe this, the God who made you, the God who loves you and is crazy nuts about you also has God-ordained plans for you… good ones.  He will never, ever ask you to do something that is going to be bad for you… but only what is for your ultimate and eternal good.  And let’s face it – some of us are long overdue for a change!!!  Ya know what I mean?  Sometimes we’ve just been in a season for so long… too long.  Sometimes it’s by or own doing; we’ve just overstayed our season.  Or sometimes we just don’t even see that we need a change or that we are in dire need of a “new thing”.  Sometimes we’ve been in a dang wilderness for so long that we just kinda get used to a dried up worn out existence we call “same” just for the sake of not changing.  Now how sad is that?  And I know what I’m talking about!!  Unfortunately I am an authority on this particular subject and can tell you with great humiliation that I have been there done that… bought a whole stack of those t-shirts…in different colors!!  Pathetic. 

Getting on track with His plans will most of the time require some change, and probably a new thing… or three for four, and a whole lot of trust.  Know this: He can be trusted.  Your job: don’t stay behind in the old season; open your eyes and let Him do a new thing in you! 

OK, did that make any sense at all?  Maybe it’s just for me then.

I love you… and am so proud to call you my sisters and my friends.  Thank you for memorizing Scripture with me.  Thank you for putting up with me.  And thank you, Jesus for never giving up on me.  PLEASE  keep doing new things in me… for Your glory!

Authentically yours ~