24 in Twenty-Ten: Scripture Memory Verse #10

“Stronger, Smarter and Braver Than You Think You Are!”

Hey there sweetest friends!

My, oh, my it has been a week!  Last Monday, JT had to have a little oral surgery to remove a tooth that has been bothering him off and on for the last year or so.  He had to be put under for the 20 minute surgery, and was still a little loopy from the anesthesia when the nurse wheeled him out to go home; talking quite loud and a lot, and trying to speak Spanish to all a 8 people crammed in with us on the elevator.  He does not speak much Spanish.  Yes, I was getting more than a little embarrassed not knowing what was about to fly out of his mouth next so I “shushed” him quietly which only made him talk louder.  Again, I politely shushed him and whispered, “Stop talking”, but he proceeded to get louder and sillier and I finally had so say (in a low voice, mind you), “You need to shut… up, sweetie.  Now.” 

Not happenin’. 

We got home, he slept it off all afternoon, and was just fine.  He’ll have an implant in a few months after he heals up from this surgery.  But when he woke up that afternoon  he was, um, kind of sad and a little forlorn about having had to lose a tooth and how weird it felt with nothing there, and, gosh, he really didn’t want to have to go around without a tooth and… 

We’re really having this conversation, right?  With me, right?  About losing a tooth, right? 

I bit down hard, took a breath and in my sweetest, smiley voice said, “Well, honey, it won’t be so bad; you’ll get a new tooth!  Kinda like my boobs; one day I had ’em, the next day they were gone, and now I have new ones!” 

I realize it’s all relative.  But, what is it about men and minor illness?   That’s not a put down.  I’m married to a very manly man.  It’s just our reality that the common cold usually turns into turburculosis.   

OK, it’s the 15th of May and that means we are up to Scripture Memory Verse #10!  Yippy!  I am so proud of each one of you for handing in there and giving this your all!  Thank you for sharing your verses with me; I have loved hearing how you’re persevering in memorizing and meditating on them and how it’s making a difference in your thought-life and your physical life.  That’s what I love about the Scripture; it doesn’t take long for it to make its way into our “soul and spirit, joints and marrow”, transforming our thinking, healing our hurts, and changing our habits!  On my bathroom mirror I have a post-it that says, “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind!”  So true!  And it is only through the living and active Word of God that true and lasting change will happen.  Change… for good!

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had the opportunity and blessing to meet with several young women; some are married, but most of them are single.  Oh, how I have such a heart for single women!  It is brutal out there, y’all!  Our culture is so rough and mean to my gender, and especially those who are in the single season of their lives.  Sisters, every day is a full on battle to get our heads on straight, walk in Truth, and know who we are and Whose we are.  I’ve shed many tears with some mighty precious women over the years.  Life is hard and we need help in how to navigate through this culture by way of God’s Word.  My hope and my prayer is, by God’s grace, to bring younger women together with more mature believers who will disciple and guide them in a Titus 2 movement that would break apart the faulty foundation our culture has laid and redirect the present and future generations in Truth; helping them to know and believe their true identity in Christ, to thrive in their God-ordained purpose, and to live authentically and relevantly in this day and time.  I have a dream… a big dream to see my gender experience real transformation; to fill homes, churches, auditoriums, coffee shops… with women loving on women and making a difference for Christ. 

Life is hard; it’s time for lasting change that will help us live this thing right and have a profound impact on our culture!  Only through Christ, girls, only through Christ!  He makes us stronger than we are, smarter than we are, and braver than we are!   He gives us the power and the energy to do this thing called “Life” and get it right!  Know Him!  Love Him!

So, here’s my memory verse – and it’s a good one… it’s God-empowering.  Love, love, love  this translation!

“He is your constant source of stability; he abundantly provides safety and great wisdom; he gives all this to those who fear him.”  Isaiah 33:6 (New English Translation)

I need to know and rely on that fact that there is something… someOne stable out there that I can rely on; someOne stronger than me; someOne smarter than me… someOne greater in me.

What’s your biggest struggle and your deepest need right now (ie. peace, faith, strength, wisdom, direction, comfort, joy, etc…)?  I want to challenge you to choose a verse that speaks directly to that need.  Spend some time with the Lord in thought and prayer and talking to Him about your needs right now, then search the concordance in your Bible for a verse or verses that speak to that.  Jump on the blog and let’s encourage one another!

I love you!