Take the Challenge: 24 in 2010!

Hey there and Merry Christmas everybody! 

Sistas at The Well… and all of you joining us online… this goes out to everyone!  I have got a challenge for you!  For us, coz I’m in on it too!  Are you ready?  Oh, please say yes!!  You know I’ll never ask you to do anything that I won’t do myself… and that I don’t know for sure will have some amazingly eternal effect on you sweeties!

In my quiet time a few weeks ago I was reading the following Scripture from Proverbs 2:

 My son, if you accept my words and store up my commands within you, turning your ear to wisdom and applying your heart to understanding, and if you call out for insight and cry aloud for understanding, and if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:1-5 NIV (emphasis mine)

It reminded me that over the past year I’ve meditated on and committed more Scripture to memory than ever before and it made all the difference in the very adventurous “season” God was walking me through.  I honestly believe that if not for drenching my mind and being brain-washed in the water of the Word, the breast cancer diagnosis I received back in May would have done more damage to my mental and emotional state than my body!  Glory to God for His living and active Word and for surrendering to it!!

Last January I accepted a challenge with Bible teacher, Beth Moore, to memorize and mediate on 24 Scriptures in 2009.  I started out the year with a new spiral bound index card book and got a girl-buds to do it with me (it so much more fun that way) and we were off!  Then, after my diagnosis the first week of May, things changed and the Lord began to sing over me and shower me with a new crop of verses and passages of Scripture that seemed to fall fresh and brand new on my heart, in my mind and in my ears.  I quickly began another new index card book that I filled with Scripture to memorize and meditate on, and carried it with me everywhere… in the car, to the office, to every doctors visit, medical procedure, surgery and chemo treatment!  It was in my hands as I drifted off to sleep before my mastectomy surgery!  The living and active Word of God was the only thing that kept me at peace, full of joy, focused on Him, sure and hopeful no matter what the outcome!   I would not be a “more than a conqueror” without Him and without His Word!!

And so, I want to issue the same challenge to you, my sweet Sistas at The Well.  You don’t have to accept the challenge in order to continue on at Women at the Well, but I really hope you will because it will be so much fun to do this together!

 Check out the video and then read on…


OK – Here’s how it goes:

On the 1st and the 15th of every month you’ll be selecting your own new Scripture to memorize and    meditate on. That’s only 2 Scriptures a month… and THAT WE CAN DO, GIRLIES!!

First thing you’ll need to do is get a spiral bound index card book (I know you are so sick of me talking about spiral bound index card books, but seriously… it works.  Ask Beth Moore!). Try to get one by January 1st.  We have some available at the ministry office that you can stop by to pick up this week (but call first or email me).  If you are joining us online from out of the area, email us or call and we’ll send you one with our W@W label on it.  Paul writes in Ephesians 6:17 that the “the sword of the Spirit…is the Word of God”. I like to think that if my Bible is my sword, then my portable index card book of Scriptures is my switchblade!


My “Switchblade” of Scripture from The Great BC Adventure of 2009!

God’s Truth is my sanity!!

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when picking your Scripture:

1) Choose It: Choose a Scripture that is meaningful and personal to you in the particular season you’re in right now.  If you are new to Scripture memory, take it easy and don’t pick something too long for your first one, then write it down in your index card book. I won’t be assigning you verses; I want you to choose a Scripture that you need right now in your season.  Ask the Lord to show you what He’d have you focus on in 2010.

2)      Read It: Read it over and over again, out loud; emphasizing a different word each time you do.  The spoken word has power; and the spoken living and active Word of God is even more powerful!  Get use to hearing your own voice speaking God’s Truth back to yourself.

3)      Think About It: That’s called meditation!  I so want this to be more than an “exercise” for us and therefore don’t want to get legalistic with the whole “memorization” thing.  I know that some of us have a hard time with memorizing.  The point is to “be transformed by the renewing of your minds…” (Romans 12:2) – and meditating on Scripture is part of the transforming process!  So, think it through and through.  Think about what it means; ask questions of the Scripture or verse you’re using: who’s talking; who’s being talked about; is there a promise to receive; is there a sin to avoid; is there a direction to take…what does this Scripture mean for me?

4)      Use It: Memorizing and meditating on the Word is the first part of the process of transforming our minds.  But if we want to get the job of “demolishing strongholds and every pretentious thought…” done, we’ve got to USE IT Sistas!  When those defeating thoughts come storming into your mind, get out your “switchblade”, draw from your storehouse of treasured Scriptures and take every thought captive – using God’s Word and thinking it through each lying, critical, bitter, unforgiving thought in your mind.  Say that Scripture out loud over the arguments the enemy is throwing up to you.  Speak it out in the form of a prayer and do battle against your enemy and take those thoughts CAPTIVE TO CHRIST (II Corinthians 10:4-5)!!  God’s Word will override the enemy’s lies all day long; his lies must bow down to God’s Truth!!

Finally, sweet sisters, let this be a joy to you!  The Amplified version of Proverbs 2:1 says, “…if you treasure up my commands within you…”  Let this be a treasured time between you and the Lord. As I say so often, don’t let God’s Word (the study, memorizing or meditating of it) be “work” for you; let it be a wonder!  The wonder of knowing God better!

So – are you ready to keep an uncluttered mind and heart in the New Year?  Are you ready to “treasure up” God’s Word in your heart and mind?  Are you ready for some serious mental, emotional and spiritual victories this year?  Are you ready to take the challenge of “24 in 2010”?  If so, reply or comment to this blog and let me know!  I’ll be praying for you!  I’ll send out the first reminder for Scripture Memory #1 next week – on January 1st.  Until then…

Merry Christmas and keep making the most of now!