Your God Knows You and Everything About You! Psalm 139 Scripture Memory Challenge 2011

Psalm 139:1-2

1  O LORD, you have searched me and you know me;

2  You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar.

Good morning, sweet friends… anybody out there?

Well, it’s January 15th and that means were adding another verse to our 2011 Scripture Memory Challenge of memorizing Psalm 139 this year.  You need to know that I am praying and believe this to be a “BREAK-OUT and BREAK-THROUGH” year of coming to more fully embrace my true identity in Christ… knowing and loving the “me” that God created me to be in Him. And if you are following this blog, committing to this Scripture memory challenge, or are joining us for Women at the Well Bible study, then I am praying and believing that for you, too! Why? Because it’s about time we overcome our CRISIS OF IDENTITY and this insidious  EPIDEMIC OF INSECURITY that is pervasive through our born-again-believing-Christian-culture! For three years I have had a sticky note on my computer that states that very thing and the Lord has given me the green light to go with it now. Not exactly sure all of what He has planned, but I am holding on tight for the ride.

Let me just say that this is a topic or a “condition” that I have long struggled with, so I’m coming at this from some personal experience, some personal growth through Him with still a ways to go. I am sick of the “spiritual identity thief” that we are allowing to kill, steal and destroy God’s “workmanship”… that’s you and me. And that’s exactly what we are: God’s workmanship, His poiema! His masterpiece! Not an assembly line appliance, but a “one-of-a-kind”, beautiful original and we’ve got to get to know it, friends! The enemy would have us convinced that we are nothing less more than a bunch of “wannabe’s”, trying to find the way to our true self under the guidance of the world’s faulty GPS system. And we have listened to that blasted GPS voice until we can no longer hear the Voice of Truth in our ears saying, “This is the way! Walk in it!!”

God has something to say… a lot to say, about who we are because of Whose we are. That is why I am so passionate about getting Psalm 139 and into our gray matter and into the very marrow of our bones until it permeates every fiber of our being. I’m committed to helping you dig deep into the promises of God, the benefits of your spiritual inheritance and the identity-grounding truths of who we are in Christ Jesus. So… on with our Scripture memory…

Take some time to really think as you memorize to meditate on the awesome and wonderful truth in these first 2 verses —

Your God knows you… knows everything about you, inside and out, through and through. He knows where you’re going before you get up and go there; and He knows what you’re thinking ever before you think it; He knows EVERY MOVE you make!  He knows you so well because He created you and went to great and incredibly loving extremes to do so.  He created you in His own image; He loves you; He died for you; He gifted you; and He has plans and a purpose for you that have been well thought through down to the finest details.  Long before He made the first tree, mountain or bird on this earth, He thought of you and the life that He desired for you to live on this earth to His great glory.  Friends, this is identity-grounding stuff!  Truth that brings security to our heart, soul and mind.  And do we ever need it!!

Take a moment right now to turn your right hand palm up and look at the tips of your fingers… examine your finger prints. No one… nobody on the face of this earth now or ever has finger prints exactly like yours! Why would we ever doubt our uniqueness, our one-of-a-kind-ness… our inestimable worth in His eyes? We’ll uncover the answers to that in later blogs, but for now… look at those precious finger tips and as you do, remember and believe these 5 Identity-Grounding Truths:

  1. God created you!
  2. God loves you!
  3. Christ died for you!
  4. God has gifted you!
  5. God has a plan and a profound purpose for your everyday life!

A recurring conversation I have with the Lord is, “Abba Father, what did you think of when you first thought of me?  What did the life you planned for me look like? What did you have in mind for me? I know I’ve gotten off track more than a few time, but You have always lovingly led me back by Your grace and in Your Truth. O Lord, don’t let me miss one single minute of all of the plans You have for me… the abundant life You died to give me…and the freedom You’ve enabled me to walk in.  I want to be every bit the “me” that You created me to be… in Christ!  Always for Your Glory!”

Let me hear from you! Your thoughts on “identity”, your struggles, what you’ve done to overcome and love the YOU that God created you to be. I’ll check for comments; feel free to go under an “alias” if you like. But by all means, please know that every single one of us has struggled or is struggling with this in one way or another.

I love you dearly and look forward to breaking through the facade and breaking into our true identity in Christ together with you!

Pressing on in His unfailing love ~

xo – P

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