Loving women to the heart of Jesus, one life at a time.

Punky Tolson

Hey there! I’m Punky Tolson – a lover of Jesus, a Bible teacher, author and a friend to women.

What I’ve done for decades in discipling women is opened my front door and invited them in to sit on my couch or at my kitchen table, with a cup of coffee, my Bible… and listened. Then talk a little. Listened some more. Encouraged. Given them some “life tools” and showed them how to use them; and set a time to meet again next week to see how those tools worked out in their everyday life. We walk together. Laugh together. Cry together. And with the help of Jesus we become better for having been together.

Life-on-Life: Truth transferred through relationship.

Through writing, teaching, speaking, and heart-to-heart listening, I disciple, encourage and equip women of all ages to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus in practical and pass-on-able ways that will inspire and empower their lives…and bring more than a little fun to living it. God has called you and gifted you for a significant role in his Master Plan. My desire is to help you live your life and calling to the fullest – because your life doesn’t end with you!

So, c’mon in! It would be my great honor- and a whole lot a fun to spend time with you… and to show you how Jesus makes the most beautiful and profound difference in life.

Let’s do life together! 

I’d love to share a little Life-on-Life encouragement with you along with some of my favorite things to read, watch, eat and laugh about…and fun free stuff, too (because we all love free stuff).

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