Breath of Heaven

Only one woman in history has had the experience that Mary had. The blessed Word of God leaves enough room in her story to make me wonder what on earth that young, unmarried pregnant-with-God’s-Son girl must have been experiencing? The mental weight of what she was bearing is unimaginable to me. How did she hold it together? How could she even breathe? 

I believe the answer is there for us in the Scriptures. Mary’s prayer in Luke 1:46-55 shows us that this young girl knew her God personally, trusted and believed Him fully— in breathless awe, fear and wonder. And yet, so much of what she experienced she couldn’t even put into words.

Some things are best left pondered, treasured deep within our hearts, shared only between God and us.

Maybe, like Mary, you’re carrying the weight of something that is overwhelming. Maybe you need the Breath of Heaven to hold you together today? Jesus is here, now, ever near you, holding you together. “He himself is before all things and all things are held together in him” (Colossians 1:17).

Merry Christmas, 

xo – P ♥️

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