Breathing Room – Day 2

Psalm 145:2 (NLT)

I will praise you every day;
    yes, I will praise you forever.

Nothing clears up our vision and gets us in the proper frame of mind like remembering God; praising and blessing him for who he is and what he’s does, and what he can do! It puts us and our circumstances in the proper perspective every time.

Who is David talking to here and what is he talking about? He’s talking to God about God. Each of the 21 verses he penned are totally God-focused, God-exalting, God-glorifying praise!! The Psalms are a collection of Psalms, most of them written by Shepherd-King David. This isn’t the only time David sang a song like of all out praise to God. It was his habit to rehearse the greatness of God on a regular basis. Why? Because David was a guy who was God-crazy, and David’s life was filled with a lot of difficult, frightening, painful and confusing circumstances. He knew and lived what we need to know and remember to live ourselves: A lifestyle of verbal & active praise to God is the key to a steady heart and a sound mind.

The word “praise” in this verse is also the word “bless” which means to kneel as in an act of adoration. It also means to salute, to thank, to congratulate greatly.

Early last evening the sky over Dallas was dark and roaring, flashing with lightening all around. I love storms; I’m in awe of them. Storms remind me of how great and powerful my God is. And if he can command such a force of nature… wind, rain and sky filled with God-produced electricity, then he can handle my personal storms.

So I thanked the Storm-Maker for the storm.

In a matter of minutes the dark sky rolled back and the most amazing and truly awesome rainbow formed a dome over our city. Slack-jawed I praised him. Nobody but God can do a thing like that. Nobody, but my God can birth a rainbow from storms and lightning!

C’mon, let’s do this, girlies. Get his word in your MIND, in your MOUTH, and put it in MOTION in your life.

It was pitch black at 5:30 this morning with the sound of drizzling rain…and one hilariously happy robin, singing his carefree little head off. I have no doubt he was singing praise to God.

And so I did, too.

Now put your phone down and get after it.

I love y’all! xo P♥️

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