Character over Comfort

God’s kingdom needs an army, not an audience. Armies enlist to fight, to defend and to be willing to die for whatever they’re guarding, while audiences come to be entertained. Armies are challenged and convicted by Truth and compelled to action, while audiences want to be unbothered and comfortable.⠀

Living for comfort is a really dangerous place to live because it’s not the place God has called us. God is not concerned with our comfort. He’s concerned with our character. God, through Jesus, calls us to deny ourselves daily, to take up our cross and to follow him (Luke 9:23).⠀

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than saying no to yourself and letting somebody else take control of your destiny. I mean, that is about as uncomfortable as it gets and it makes our skin crawl, just thinking about it.⠀

God calls us to serve right now– where we are and with what we have. And we’ve got to be prepared. We’ve got to live ready. We’ve got to stay ready. And, we’ve got to stand ready because when the going gets tough, the tough don’t gather up food and supplies and buy up land and head to the hills to find shelter. When the going gets tough, the tough are already prepared and they keep going for God. They go and they make disciples to build up the army of God.⠀

Stop a moment. Think. Pray. Look at your life. Where are you standing right now? Are you going to stand firm in your faith– in this day, in this age, in this time on the Kingdom calendar? Because right here, right now is exactly where God put you and me. This is exactly where you have been called, where you’ve been tapped to stand, to serve, and to follow Christ. So, let’s stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one another and serve him!⠀

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀