Choose Life

If the past months and weeks have rattled your cage and shaken your faith;

If doubts have racked your brain and fears have mastered your thoughts;

If hate and hurt have dealt your heart a crushing blow;

If you’re wringing your hands with worry, shallow breathing because the news has left you overwhelmed, confused and hopeless…even lifeless, then, my friend, you’re not choosing life. You’ve given into the power of the world and the one who controls it.

The choice is yours and mine to make— moment by moment, day by day, “Choose LIFE that you may live…”.

Choosing is a deliberate, intentional action that requires deliberate and intentional opposite action. It’s to decide or prefer the better, more beneficial of two alternatives. So, we can choose what will suck the life out of us, or we can choose Who will breathe life into us.

And Life has a name: J E S U S.

Choose life. Choose to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. Keep looking to the One and Only Life Giver… and live!

I love y’all!

xo P♥️