Distractions and Directions

There’s a horde of distractions calling to us, shouting, screaming, “Look over here! Read this! Watch this! Listen to this! Buy this!” Distractions will lead you in the wrong direction; they’ll put you in harms way, and endanger others.

In this life there are only 2 directions you can go: Toward God or away from Him. You can’t go in 2 directions at the same time (try it). The same goes for focus. You can’t look in 2 directions at the same time (unless you’re a mom with eyes in the back of her head). You’re either looking to God, or you’re looking away to something else.

Take Martha and Mary (Luke 10:38-42): Jesus comes to their home for a visit. Mary promptly sits down at Jesus’ feet “listening,” while Martha hurries off to the kitchen “distracted” by dinner prep. Mary is facing toward Jesus while Martha has her back turned. Maybe she was listening with one ear, but she sure wasn’t giving him her full attention. So, Jesus called her out on it; not because he was mad at her, but because if Martha kept answering the distractions in her life she would never be able to hear what Jesus was saying to her.

And neither will we.

Over 30 times the Scriptures remind, exhort and command us to “look to God; seek God; fix our eyes on Jesus.” One verse for each day of the month, urging us to refocus on the Only One who can do anything about everything that concerns us.

So how do we keep our eyes on God- practically?

1. READ THE BIBLE: The actual bible; not a devotional. Listen to what God is saying in the Scriptures; learn what your Shepherd’s voice sounds like (John 10:27) so you can distinguish his over the other voices around you.

2. PRAY: Talk to God about *everything*. Don’t make it long winded. Keep it simple. Be direct.

3. CHECK YOUR HEART: Are you angry? Bitter? Critical? Feeling sorry for yourself?Confess it quickly & move on.

4. BE THANKFUL: Every day there’s something to thank God for. Practice gratitude; it will change your attitude.

5. MAKE A HABIT of doing all the above; that’s how you’ll break the distraction habit and get your eyes on God.

So when life gets lifey-er and you don’t know what to do; do what you know: Keep your eyes on Jesus!

xo- P♥️