Do hard things. Lift heavy stuff.

“Do hard things. Lift heavy stuff.” I adopted that phrase a few years ago, before I turned 60. My goal was to be able to do 60 pull-ups by the time I hit my 60th birthday… and I did!

But, that is also a philosophy for my spiritual life– do the hard things; lift the heavy “stuff.” I decided I was going to do hard things and lift heavy stuff, and not just in the gym, and not just on Sundays.

The same goes for you, too. Parking your rear end in a church pew is not going to turn you into a spiritually mature, strong Christian. That’s bare minimum Christianity and it’s not going to help you fully mature in your faith. You’ve got to have more going on than Sunday Christianity. In fact, it’s got to be a daily thing.

Think how many things you do on a daily basis… whether it’s working out or eating, or brushing your teeth. These are things that we do effortlessly on a daily basis that have become habits and part of our lifestyle. We wouldn’t think about not doing these things. Well, growing in our faith has got to become like that.

We’ve got to build up our spiritual strength by exercising our spiritual muscles, and we’ve got to do it daily. Or, we’ll fall flat in our faith and not be able to stand strong. So, go deep! Take an intentional deep dive into the Word of God (that’s the heavy lifting) and do hard things (obey it, live it… apply it to every situation in your life). That’s the spiritual muscle builder!

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️

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