Do we look like people who have spent time with Jesus?

In Acts 4:8-13, we learn that Peter and John were ordinary men. They had not been to seminary. They had no higher education, and they hadn’t graduated with any fancy degrees. They had nothing that would make them on par with the teachers of the law. But the teachers recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.

When I read that, it makes me wonder– would people recognize that I have spent time with Jesus? Ask it for yourself– would they see him in you? Do we have a boldness that comes– not because we’re studied and learned, not because we just feel like giving somebody a tongue lashing– but a boldness that also has beauty, humility, and temperance.

There’s nothing cocky or arrogant about what Peter and John did or what they said. But, when they were questioned about where they got their power, they were bold enough to say, “We get our power from Jesus Christ, whom you killed. But guess what? God is the one who raised him from the dead… and there is salvation in no one else!”
As I read this, I thought about the name of Jesus. The same name that’s on you and me is the same name that is above every name. The name of Jesus stands an eternity over every other name in this world.
It stands in eternity over COVID-19.
It stands in eternity over cancer.
It stands in eternity over death.

And it’s at the name of Jesus that one day “every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth” (Philippians 2:9-11). The name of Jesus has power, and that name is marked on us. That’s where we get our power. That’s where we get our authority.

So, are we that kind of bold? Are we bold enough knowing our God? Do we know him well enough? Have we spent time with him? Have we talked with him in the pages of scripture? Have we listened to what he’s told us? And have we obeyed and responded with our life to what he’s told us to do?

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I love y’all!
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