This Is My Fight Song

I’ve got an amazing group of women I run with in my church family. Most everything I teach or encourage you all with starts with them. Actually it starts with me; God most certainly teaches me the truth first (and not without a jab). So my gals and I were text-talking last night, and this morning the Lord gave me this…for me, for them… and of course I wanted to share it with y’all. Because while I don’t see each of you or talk to each of you every day, you are always on my heart & mind. You’re still the women, the tribe God has led me to disciple. You are why I do what I do… Always have been. And I love you!

So here goes…here are your fightin’ words and a fight song for today. And Everyday.

LORD, there is no one like you! For you are great, and YOUR NAME is full of POWER. (Jeremiah 10:6, NLT)

💥 Power to save me.

💥 Power to satisfy me.

💥 Power to heal me.

💥 Power to help me.

💥 Power to keep me thinking straight or keep my house straight.

💥 Power to help me forgive what needs forgiving… Power to help me forget what needs to be forgotten.

💥 Power to get out of bed, get myself & my kids dressed & fed— and not be resentful about it.

💥 Power to give me the “want to” when I just don’t want to.

💥 Power to live gratefully in the moment, and let your joy overwhelm my overwhelmed heart.

💥 Power to pray, to call upon your name, to keep the conversation with you going all day long— remembering that YOU ARE THERE! Always!

💥 Power to take up my sword & take my stand in your strength & authority.

💥 Power to get back out there in the battle and do it again today… fully armed in the power & by the grace of God.

💥 Power: That’s where I stand, that’s where I live, and I that’s where I am living this very moment.

What would you add to this list that you need his power for?

I love y’all-
xo P♥️