Flourish: A Story to Tell (Part 1)

We’ve all got a story to tell. I’m not talking about a formal resume or bio. I’m talking about your story… the story of the difference Jesus has made in your life. Your resume tells others about your human abilities. But your testimony…your personal story, tells others about God’s supernatural ability through your life!

So- what’s your story? Because your story is actually HIS story- the story He’s telling about Himself through your precious and unique life. It’s the story of how you’ve “overcome” obstacles and challenges through Christ- the big ones and the everyday ones (Revelation 12:11). God is writing His story through you and will continue writing it over the course of your life on this planet.

Sister, somebody needs to hear your story. Somebody is looking for Jesus through a story like yours! Your history is HIS-story! I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night for our 2nd week of our 4-week FLOURISH Bible study!

You are greatly and dearly loved by the King…and His destiny for you is to FLOURISH in Him!!



PS: If you missed the lesson, be sure to listen online!