Flourish in the Glory of God

Friend, your calling is to follow Jesus. It’s not for the faint of heart or the comfort-seeker, or the platform-builder or the social-media-diva.

It’s for the persevering soul who keeps at it… again and again, no matter what because the white hot fire in her heart just. won’t. die. down. …even when she’s down.

It’s for the one who chooses to eliminate worldly distractions in order to concentrate on eternal fruit. 
It’s for the one who gets up and goes back out into the harvest field over and over and over again, sowing seeds of Truth with sweat on her brow, dirt behind her nails, pouring her life out and inconveniencing herself in order to love the helpless and harassed and help them to know the only One who can do anything about everything that concerns them.

It’s for the one who knows and loves Jesus with a self-forgetfulness that responds without wavering when He says, “Go…and make disciples.” It’s for the one who knows deep down into the marrow of her bones that JESUS IS EVERYTHING and He is worth it and that He is the Answer everyone is looking for.

It’s for the one who follows Jesus into the harvest field and never looks back. That’s where her Great Adventure awaits! That’s where she finds the life she was put on this planet to live- a life that produces a harvest beyond her wildest dreams. Her life is not her own… but it is a supernatural life- the kind that has only one explanation: JESUS.

Sister, you were meant to live a life like that. You were meant to follow Jesus and flourish to the glory of God.

I love y’all!
xo – P ❤️