Free Trial Month

Okey-dokey pokey’s! It’s January 15th and I’m halfway through my free trial month. You too? So, I’ve decided to sign up for the full year (I don’t see that I have any other responsible option) which means I have exactly 16 days left to get myself in gear. Seriously, though, I typically use the month of January as my “get ready” month; a time to look behind and reflect on the lessons and the blessings, the set backs and successes, and recalibrate, refocus and take aim at December 2021 and where I want to be 12 months from now— spiritually, physically, mentally, relationally and professionally.

Since I had some unexpected events in my life in December, I’m slightly behind in wrapping up 2020. I still have some *clingons* (not the Star Trek kind); you know, those things that keep holding on, holding us back, weighing us down; keeping us from busting out of the gate and into 2021. As Hebrews 12:1 reminds us “…let us throw off everything that hinders, every weight that slows us down, and the sin that so easily entangles and trips us up. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

It’s time to throw off and throw out the things that are hindering us. What are those things in your life; those things you keep *threatening* to accomplish, but never get around to it because there’s too much stuff cluttering up your heart, mind and life. It’s time to get around to it, and “throw off everything.” E V E R Y T H I N G that’s holding you back from running your race. 

Speaking of running, it’s time to drop that weight we’ve been carrying around! It’s killing us. Physical weight or emotional weight, it all weighs us down. The weight of unforgiveness, bitterness, resentment and guilt will take a toll on us that’s as dangerous as 50 extra pounds. Nobody can run anywhere dragging all that extra weight. Time to get rid of it.

I like that the verse says, “let us.” I tend to be more disciplined and successful when I have someone holding me accountable (I think that’s why people pay personal trainers big bucks). So, who’s your in your “us” tribe. Who can you link arms with and tackle the clingons together?

Here are a few practical steps to start you off:

  • Look at your life. Take a serious, honest, prayerful assessment.
  • Ask God to show you what you need to unweight yourself of. What will you tackle first?
  • Enlist a friend to be your *person;* someone you trust to give you an honest estimation of your situation.
  • Set some attainable goals at a doable pace; tackle them together, or check in weekly for accountability.

I’ll keep you posted on my end and continue to posting some encouragement for the remainder of this month.

C’mon, friends! We can do this together!

I love y’all!

xo – P♥️