From Trials to Triumph

Every trial that comes into your life is ultimately a test of your faith. God absolutely wants you to pass that test and the other tests that will surely follow in the days, weeks and years of your precious life. James tells us that there are some things God wants us to know, to do, to be and to have as we encounter “that which breaks the pattern of tranquility or happiness” in our lives. From our lesson last night we saw that God offers us the only way to truly persevere in trials by giving us 4 imperatives in the first chapter of James that correspond with a particular character:

1. CONSIDER, or count (v.2) – A Joyful Attitude: We’ve got to get our mind right about trials and know that our outlook will determine our outcome!
2. KNOW (v.3) – An Understanding Mind: We’ve got to know that God is working for us in our trials! We’ve got to know that God is working purpose through our trials!
3. LET, or must (vv. 4, 9-11) – A Surrendered Will: Most certainly our patience is the very thing in need of maturity here, and nothing will ripen that fruit faster than a little heat! When we resist Him we end up as a S.A.D. case: Spiritually Arrested Development!
4. ASK (v. 5-8) – A Believing Heart: We can expect absolutely nothing from the Lord if we don’t believe and trust Him. However, we will not trust whom we do not know. Nothing has the potential to draw us near to our Savior’s heart than trials do. Through them we come to know God better, love and believe God more.

Yes, trials refine us and make us more into the woman of God that He created us to be… a woman who so strongly resembles Jesus. But your trials are not only intended to refine you, dear sister- but to influence and change the lives of hundreds of others in your sphere of influence! Wow! That’s powerful! And that’s the benefit of the hidden power of adversity!

God wants you and me to pass each and every test that comes our way, and to arrive at the finish line mature and complete, lacking in nothing. We can do this thing, girlfriend! I’ll see you at the finish line!

You are so dearly loved by the King!




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