God Does Not Wink At Sin

We’ve got to get some “Holy Gumption” when it comes to speaking out about Biblical Truth and faith in Christ vs. the deconstruction of our faith that’s being tolerated in the Church. That deconstructed version claims to “update” the Word of God with a gross *compromise* of the Truth that has resulted in a *progressive* movement of Christianity that welcomes a lax view of sin, holiness and salvation. It is not Biblical Christianity in the least and anyone who tells you that it is not telling you the Truth. It takes courage and conviction to stand as a woman of conviction, firm in her faith on the Truth of God– and start speaking Biblical truth in Biblical love. There’s a *big* difference between *Biblical* truth and love and the *culture’s* version of truth in love.⠀

Biblical truth is the Truth of God’s Word. Biblical love is a God kind of love– it’s doing what is in the best interest of others– loving unconditionally, but not accepting everything that everybody believes as though it’s true and right (when it’s not).⠀

The best interest of others is always to speak what is true in the Scriptures, and to do it in a loving way. That’s the way God is with us. His Word will sometimes hurt, but it hurts in a way that convicts us and causes us to change; to look carefully at our lives and make those adjustments, and to walk rightly and to walk wholly with him.⠀

So, put your foot down on Biblical Truth; stand up and stand firm and speak from that place. Be confident in your convictions and the Truth of Jesus Christ, remembering who you are– you’re God’s greatly and dearly loved daughter. You belong to him. This planet is not your home, yet while you are here, he is creating a place for you to spend forever with him. Stop living for this life only because this is not all there is nor is it even close to as good as it’s going to get. Keep your eyes on that heavenly horizon because Jesus *is* coming back again!! So, live like it! Until he returns or calls you home, live each day standing firm in your faith for life.⠀

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀