God’s Best

God will only, always give you what is best for you. Not just his best, but also what is good and actually perfect for you.

We cannot understand the mind of God, but we can still conform our minds to the way God thinks by what he has revealed of himself in his Word. We can trust who God is, and grow to know and understand that he is a good Father, who does good because he is good and cannot be separated from his goodness. So it’s up to us to surrender our minds and our thinking to his way of thinking… his way of seeing what is truly good. And when we embrace that…when we embrace his will, things change.

We begin to see things that the world promotes and demotes through the God-lens of the Scripture… and we find this world to be lacking and misdirecting. We begin to see fruitfulness and purpose coming from the very things the world has marked as “less than”; and we start to realize and internalize that our worth and our identity comes from God alone who does not brand us with an expiration date, or limit our effectiveness based on our age, physical condition, social status, financial status, marital status, or social media followers.

His will for your life and mine is so much bigger, better, more satisfying, well-pleasing and more perfect than we could ever choose for ourselves. When you give God your all he will bring the best out of you because he has put his best in you: Jesus himself.

Have you really, fully surrendered all of YOU to all of HIM? Your past, your present, your future; your hopes and dreams; your heartaches and fears; your anger, your pride, you “must haves” and your secrets? Give him your all and watch him work out a life of profoundly effective eternal purpose in you.

I love y’all!
xo – P ❤️