God’s Sovereign Will

“God’s will” is not some spiritual label we slap on all the unhappy, painful circumstances in our life. God’s will isn’t something we just resign ourselves to— hanging our head like Eeyore, lamenting all his woe-is-me’s to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Whether God wills something or allows it, it all falls under God‘s sovereign will. And what God wills is ultimately for us to find him… to know him in the midst of whatever situation we find ourselves.

+ To find joy in the midst of our pain is to find him and experience his strength and power.

+ To find peace in the middle of our chaos, is to know him as the one who quiets our heart and calms our fears.

+ To experience healing from our hurts and sufferings— whether body, soul, or spirit— is to know him, to go deeper with him, to experience his powerful presence and find, even more, that his great love is better than life.

And so we have to be willing to have the eyes of our heart opened by the Heart Knower— to look into our painful, frightening, uncomfortable circumstances and say, “I believe there is more here that you have for me. So, more than what I want, Lord, I want what you want for me.”

Then and there, in the hard places of God’s will, you will find him and experience the loving presence of your Savior as you have never experienced him before.

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️