God’s Ways Are Always Right

In the past week on the podcast and here in these blog posts I’ve been talking about believing true Truth (God’s word) and spotting the sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant, lies of Satan. So, what I’d like for you to do today is make an assessment of your life.

Seriously– just give me 5 minutes. Look at your present circumstances, the issues in your life, your relationships…. Right now, what are your hopes and desires? Don’t overthink it. Just jot down what comes to mind. Maybe list some of the prayers that you’ve been praying for a long time about things that you’ve been longing for.

Just grab some paper and start making a list.

Write those things down and then look and see and ask yourself:

  • Am I doubting God in any way in any of these areas?
  • Have I tried to take shortcuts to getting what I want in any of these areas?
  • Where have I started letting go of the truth of what I know is right according to God, and started slipping into embracing some lies?
  • In what ways am I acting on those lies to answer the craving of my flesh or my heart’s deep longings?

If you found yourself believing any lies in any of the areas on your list, renounce them right now. What does that mean? It means you take all of the lies that you’ve believed and take them straight to your loving God and Father. Tell him you repent (turn, walk away from sin and go toward God) for believing the lies rather than believing him. Commit to doing a 180 (going in the other direction) and embracing the truth of God’s word– knowing it, believing it, living it, and walking in it.

God’s ways are always right, and they are always right for you, friend. You will stand firm in your faith when you stand in the truth of his Word.

Okay? So y’all, do that assessment of your life. Write those things down and then let me hear from you. You can direct message me or email me. I want to hear some of those lies that you’ve been buying into, so that I can help you navigate some of that and give you true Truth (scripture) to hold onto and to get you through this.

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️