When Good Works Aren’t Good

Doing good work is a very good thing, but not when it becomes the main thing. 

So how do we know when that happens? When we find ourselves doing good work for Jesus, but we’ve stopped walking with Jesus.

We talk about Jesus.
We teach about Jesus.
We write about Jesus.

But we’ve stopped talking to Jesus. We’ve prioritized our time for other things and lesser loves, but not for Jesus.

We feel like he can wait.
He loves us.
He’ll understand.

And just like a marriage where the fire has not been tended to, the flame of our love for Jesus dies down.

And so we put Jesus off. Not that we don’t love him. We do! We just don’t love him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. We don’t love him first, most and best like we used to. 

We’ve lost that loving feeling. We’ve lost the intimacy that we once enjoyed with him and the relationship that was so sweet that we once had with Jesus.

So how do we get it back?

I give a few practical, Biblical steps in the latest podcast episode! Join me, won’t you? Listen or watch at PunkyTolson.com/Podcast and click on Ep 71 | Talking to Jesus: Rekindling the Love of Your Life.

I love y’all!

xo – P♥️