He Comes

Eugene Peterson has said that, “Come” is a gospel verb. The distinctive biblical and Christian message is not that God is but that he comes. And he’s going to come again.

That’s God’s basic character— He comes. He arrives! And He comes first and foremost to seek and to save the lost (Luke 19:10). We see that so beautifully in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 15— the Father who sees his lost son returning, runs out to him… comes to him; throwing his arms around his son he welcomes him home with much kissing and hugging and celebrating.

And that’s how God has come for you. He has come for me. He has come for us… He’s come to us. Not in the sensational, but in the mundane and in the ordinary ways of our life. He comes to us in our pain and in our suffering. He comes to us in our doubts and in our fears. He come’s to us in the sunrise and in the change of seasons; while we’re doing chores, hard at work or working out. He comes to us in the midst of the boisterous struggles of life, and the blaring quiet of our aloneness. He comes.

God comes for lost people with lost hopes and lost dreams and lost loves—lost lives that are desperate for Him and the salvation He brings. He comes. He sneaks up on us and surprises in moments where we least expect Him… anywhere… everywhere.

From Genesis on, God has been at the work of coming and Jesus is the way God has come… the way He has come for us, to rescue us.

Prepare your heart this Advent season for Jesus to come again with a fresh awareness of his personal presence, his hope, joy, peace and love. Be ready. Be watchful. Be expectant. He will arrive— He will come to us as surely as the coming of dawn and the rains in early spring.

I love y’all!
xo– P♥️