Heavenly Wisdom

People are dying for lack of knowledge and wisdom. How do I know? Just pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV and you’ll find any number of tragedies linked to very poor, unwise choices made by some seemingly most “smart” people. Smart and wise are not the same. At all. Knowledge is knowing what to do. Wisdom is doing it. The question remains: Where are we getting our knowledge and wisdom and can that source be trusted? James is clear that the source of true wisdom is from the only wise King in heaven; anything else is purely…demonic (James 3:15). It makes sense then that if we need wisdom (and we all do), we are to go to the Source… to God “who gives generously” (James 1:5); heed His Word and then live it. Show that you are truly wise by living it! Living well…living wisely…living humbly…live safely… and live at peace!

…you are greatly and dearly loved by the King!



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