It’s never too late to repent

One of the many beautiful things about our relationship with God, through our savior Jesus Christ, is that we get to repent. We get to repent. As soon as you sense a conviction in your spirit about whatever it is that you’re doing or thinking (or have done or have thought), you have the opportunity to repent. Take whatever it is and confess it to God. He’ll listen. Call it what it is (it’s sin) and tell God where you’ve been wrong, how sorry you are, and then repent.⠀

Repent means to turn and walk in the opposite direction back toward God, literally to turn around and walk away from the sin and head in the opposite direction *toward* God. That is truly something awesome that we get to repent immediately when we’re aware of something we’re doing that is not God’s best for us.⠀

Jesus is gentle, loving and kind… but oh, y’all, he’s tough on sin. He doesn’t want sin to wreck your life, and that’s exactly what it will do if it’s left unchecked… unrepentant.⠀

So whatever it is, whatever your struggle, as you reflect this Holy Week on all that Jesus has done for you– to take on the sin of the world, your sin, to set you free– won’t you take advantage of that wonderful gift and repent? Run to him. He’s waiting.⠀

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀