It’s Not About You

The one thing that is central throughout Scripture is… God. God wrote a book; one book, and it’s His book about Him. It’s His voice to us; His revelation, His full disclosure to us… as much as we can handle, as much as we need to know for now. (And yes, it includes us and who we are but it’s primarily about Him.)

The never-ending adventure of a lifetime is getting to know who God is– because there’s just no end to Him. The more we read the Bible, the more we know who God is and see all that He is: His greatness and grandeur; His brilliance, wisdom and creativity; His endless love and relentless pursuit of us— the extent He’s gone to save us and rescue us and bring us back to Him because He loves us— and we realize all the more that it’s not about us. It’s all about Him, and that in living for Him we become all about Him, too.

Y’all, we squeeze so many things into our 24-hour days that it becomes easy to squeeze God out. But, nothing is more important than spending time with God. Nothing is more critical to your life… to your spiritual health and to your soul than time invested in the #1 relationship in your life. You say you can’t afford to take the time? I say, you can’t afford not to. You’ll never lose anything in spending time with God. In fact, you’ll gain everything – everything you need from Him.

My challenge to you is to make the time and take time every day to sit alone with God in His Word. The Lord thoroughly delights in your company, my friend, so, create a space in your home or office where you’ll meet with Him. Keep the appointment. Make it a part of your lifestyle. God knows you need it and He will help you because He wants to…He looks forward to…HE LOVES to spend time with you!

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️⠀