Let’s build a kingdom of kingdom builders

Lately on the Life on Life podcast we’ve been discussing the critical necessity of the Holy Spirit. Remember, the Holy Spirit gives us wisdom, guidance, and empowers us to walk by faith in our daily lives.⠀

But, there’s the bigger picture of why we have the Holy Spirit: God has given us the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life right now in the year 2021, as a woman or man of faith; to be alive on this planet– right here, right now– in this day and time, living exactly where you are living, doing what you are doing. It’s not a random accident that you and I are alive right now on this planet. No, in fact– we were specifically appointed for this moment in time.⠀

This is part of God’s well-thought-out Kingdom plan; a plan that includes you and me! And we are here as his appointed players with a particular purpose, a profound purpose to be lived out for our good and his glory. My job and your job is to build up the Kingdom of God– no matter what, and we are specifically to do it right now.

Wherever you are, this very moment your call is to follow Jesus, to point others to Christ, and to lead others to saving faith in Jesus, and to make disciples— to build up a Kingdom of Kingdom-builders… an army for the cause of Christ to advance the gospel.⠀

Sound overwhelming? It is, and that’s why we have the Holy Spirit to help us. You know, God gave us the Holy Spirit because we can’t live the Christian life on our own. We can’t live it without him empowering us. And if we don’t have the Holy Spirit in us, then we’re not able to walk by faith or stand in faith, or be empowered to face the things that are going to surely come our way.⠀

So, it begs the question: What kingdom are you building and who is helping you?⠀

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀