Leave Your Best Legacy

“If you want to leave your best legacy, write it yourself. Focus on who you are more than what you do. Care less about what the world thinks of you than what you can do for the world. Be your best self and leave the rest to God.” –Dr. Jim Denison

I love this quote for so many reasons. These words make me especially mindful about my own legacy and remind me to live my best life; to focus less on what I do and more on who I am. More importantly, whose I am.

As my husband, Dr. John Tolson, always says, “Who you are is more important than what you do, because who you are will determine what you do.” Knowing who I belong to defines who I am and determines my destiny.

When you know that you belong to God through a relationship with his Son, Jesus Christ, it changes everything. Our true identity, our self-worth, our worldview and our work are only rightly defined according to God’s truth. When we understand and apply his truths to our life, the desires of our heart will begin to beat in tune with his— motivating us to follow his way, resulting in living the best life, the abundant life (John 10:10)…the life that he designed.

When our life belongs to God, our heart and mind begin to be transformed to think and act differently as we apply his truth (the Bible) to our everyday life. Motivated by God’s “agapé” love and controlled by his Spirit we then gain the right perspective and motivation for our life— becoming more self-forgetful (caring less about our own ambitions, what we look like to others, or being known by others) and becoming more other-focused with both mind and heart (thoughtful about what we can do to genuinely serve and help others)— without expectation, without congratulation or acclaim.

When we’re in tune with God— living for him by following Jesus, we become more tuned out to the the “look at me” culture and more tuned in to the ways and rhythms of the life he created for us to live. The good life. The best life.

Consider the life you’re living and who you’re living it for.

I love y’all!!
xo– P❤️

Quote is from Dr. Jim Denison’s Daily Article July 2019 tribute to the late Ross Perot.