Life, Death, & the Certainty of Forever

images-17Like so many of you, I am grieved over the death yesterday of beloved actor, Robin Williams. And while I celebrate his life by remembering his brilliant life’s work, I can’t help but pose the questions that I’m sure many are wondering:

• What happens when we die?
• What happens when life on this planet ends?
• Is there something out there to hope for that we can actually count on?
• And can we really know for sure that there is…life after death?

I wonder if it’s you, my friend, who might be asking those questions. If so, I offer you the Hope that I have personally come to know in the promise of the great Love of God through Jesus Christ, who Himself conquered death for us, and has gone on ahead to prepare a place for us to be with Him forever.

In Jesus, God has made the greatest offer of all time by lovingly offering up His One and Only Son as a sacrifice for the whole world saying that, “whosoever believes in Him”… believes that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, really lived, really died, was really buried, and really did get up from the dead, and is THE Lord and Savior of all… those “whosoevers” will live… forever!

One more question, and the answer to this could change your eternal destiny:
• Who is Jesus Christ to you?

I know Him as my Lord and Savior, my Friend, the unconditionally loving Lover of my soul, the Light in my darkness, the Forgiveness for my sins, the Comforter of my heart, the Peace that calms my fears, my Strength to get through breast cancer…and a just a bad day in general, and the One and only Way to the Father.

If I’m wrong about Jesus… you lose nothing.

If I’m right… it changes everything.

I know I’m right about Jesus. I pray you will think it through and talk to Him about it right now. He loves you so!

xo – P

• John 3:16
• John 14:1-6
• 1 Thessalonians 4:13
• John 17:3
• Romans 6:23
• 1 John 5:1-13