Summer Bible Study is Here! Register today for “The Magnificent Obsession”!

Hi Friends!

This invitation goes out to any and all of you who want to participate in a new Bible study this summer. ANYONE can participate – no matter where you live or what your schedule is, or if you’ve ever attended Bible study with us before! Everyone is welcome!!

Women at the Well (W@W) is gearing up to begin our small group Summer study of Anne Graham Lotz’s “The Magnificent Obsession: Embracing the God-Filled Life.” This is an intimate study into the life of Abraham as found in Genesis 12-24. I will facilitate this study weekly via the blog site, providing you with study questions and applications for your personal study time, and for discussion in your small group.
Now – it’s up to YOU to join in! You can do this study with a small group in your own home, or together with another friend, or by yourself, or online! Of course, there are no set “rules” for our groups, but here are some suggestions that might make it easier for you to decide how you want to participate.

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How to Participate:

Set aside a daily, personal study time where you continue to dig into God’s Word. We will study Genesis 12-24 as we read “The Magnificent Obsession” together. Sistas, this is your chance to exercise those Bible study skills you’ve been practicing at W@W! Now’s your time to take what you’ve learned by doing your LifeWork and put it into practice during the summer.

Check the blog each Wednesday beginning May 25th where I will facilitate that week’s lesson and give weekly encouragement:
1. Read the blog,
2. Study the Scripture,
3. Read the corresponding Magnificent Obsession chapter,
4. Discuss what you’ve learned with your small group and post comments online to participate in the larger W@W group discussion.

Group Options:
Option A:  Form a small group of gals; this can be a group of W@W sistas, church friends, or whomever. Meet with your small group weekly to discuss what you’ve learned, challenge one another and pray. In your personal time outside of the small group, read the blog and post comments to participate in the larger W@W group discussion

Option B: Use this study as an opportunity for “outreach”! Maybe you have friends who would love to do a study with you, but aren’t able to attend W@W or aren’t familiar with the traditional “Bible study” setting. This is a great way to reach out to non-believers and new believers and strengthen your discipleship muscles! Again, in your personal time outside of the small group, read the blog and post comments to participate in the larger W@W group discussion.
Option C:  Do the study on your own, but participate in the online discussion by reading and commenting on the blog.

I know this is a little different, but I sure hope you’ll join in! I’m really looking forward to studying along with you this summer!!

Much love –

Summer Study Details in a Nutshell: 

What Bible study are we doing?
“The Magnificent Obsession” by Anne Graham Lotz. Purchase your copy of “The Magnificent Obsession” at Logos Bookstore in Dallas, or online. Logos Bookstore has a few copies reserved under our ministry, “High Impact Life.”
What is it about?
The life and faith of Abraham. Abraham’s life was full of twists and turns, riches and losses, deceit and redemption, failure and success. Nevertheless, his story holds the key to satisfying a heart that is hungry for the Lord. The key: embracing a God-filled life. Step by step. Choice by choice. Day by day. Despite struggling, as we all do, with compromise, fear, family, quarrels, doubt, and disappointment, in the end Abraham knew God … as his friend.

How long is it?
10 weeks total (Intro + 9 chapters). All blog post lessons will be categorized under “Magnificent Obsession.” Read the blog, study the Scripture, read the chapter, then discuss online and with your small group.

When does it start?
We will kick-off our study Wednesday, June 1st for chapter 1. The intro lesson will begin on Wednesday, May 25th.

How do I participate?
• First, click here to register online just to let us know who is participating. Those who register will receive emails when the blog is posted. If you don’t register, just remember to check the blog each Wednesday.
• Next, in your personal time: Read the blog, study the selected Scripture, read the chapter, and then answer the discussion questions online
• Finally, in your small group: Discuss the blog questions and what you’ve learned and are applying from the book and Scripture study

What’s the schedule?
Beginning May 25th, I will post an introductory blog for our study of “The Magnificent Obsession”. A new blog will be posted each week that will introduce and focus on the chapter you are about to read and the related Scripture. Follow along with me (or at the pace which your small group meets) and post your comments to participate in the group discussion. This allows all of W@W, including our out-of-town friends, to engage and interact with each other… learning from each other’s insight and experience!

Weekly Schedule:
Wednesday: May 25  / Introduction to “Magnificent Obsession”
Wednesday: June 01  / Genesis 12:1-13:4  / Ch. 1 Leave Everything Behind
Wednesday: June 08  / Genesis 13:5-18  / Ch. 2 Let Everything Go
Wednesday: June 15  / Genesis 14-15  / Ch. 3 Entrust Everything Completely
Wednesday: June 22  / Genesis 16-17  / Ch. 4 Pursue Everything Patiently
Wednesday: June 29  / Genesis 18-19  / Ch. 5 Lift Everything Up
Wednesday: July 06  / Genesis 20-21  / Ch. 6 Cast Everything Out
Wednesday: July 13  / Genesis 22  / Ch. 7 Lay Everything Down
Wednesday: July 20  / Genesis 23  / Ch. 8 Mourn Everything Hopefully
Wednesday: July 27  / Genesis 24  / Ch. 9 Pass Everything On

How do I leave a comment on the blog?
At the end of each blog post you will see a link that says “Post a Comment” (if you are the first) or if someone has posted before you, the link will say “1 comment.” Click on either link, enter your name and email (email is not published – it just proves you aren’t spam) and then enter your comment. Click “post comment” to save and post.

Please call Michelle at (214) 521-0928.

Be sure to register for the summer study!