May Monthly Recap

Freedom is costly. It comes at a great price; fought for and bought at the risk of the lives of men and women of conviction– determined to win that freedom not merely for themselves, but for people they most likely would never know– like you and me.

The United States of America has always been known as a country where freedom reigns. You and I enjoy many great freedoms in this country that others have fought for and died for on our behalf– decades and centuries before most of us were even born. Young men and women we’ve never met and who never made it home to raise families of their own, never enjoying the freedom they fought for. They were somebody’s father, mother, son or daughter, husband or wife, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, next-door neighbor, classmate, boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, childhood friend.

There’s nothing wrong with loving this country, and I do love the USA! I thank God for this nation and I’m grateful for the freedom and opportunities I have to do many things– especially the freedom to worship and proclaim the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I do not take that for granted, because the greatest freedom I have experienced was fought for by Jesus Christ and paid for with his blood. That freedom set me free from guilt and sin and keeps me free for eternity.

This Memorial Day– as you return to the beloved family picnics, hotdog cookouts, or shop the big sales and enjoy a paid day off– in the midst of all that, remember: Somebody’s blood was shed so you and I could live in freedom today. I can’t forget that, and neither should you– and let’s certainly not waste our freedom. Because there is no freedom without a fight. Let’s remember and praise God for those who had, and who have, the courage to fight for the freedom we enjoy right now.

But more importantly– if you’ve not yet experienced the freedom from sin that Jesus Christ offers you, then today’s the day… surrender to him and the freedom that only he can give to you.

What freedoms do you enjoy and are especially grateful for today?