National Husband Appreciation Day

OK, so I heard that yesterday was #nationalhusbandappreciationday. And let me just say that if you are a married woman, every day should be husband appreciation day. So I’m posting this picture, one of my sisters snapped it at my cousins’ wedding this past weekend where my man, Dr. John Tolson, officiated. As I sat there listening to him preach the gospel in the context of wedding covenant, and speak words of life and Truth over that darling couple, my heart about jumped out of my chest. I love this man so much, and I have such tremendous esteem & respect for him. His great faith and deep, deep abiding love for Jesus is solid. He is a man of integrity, and I mean that in every sense of the word. Oh, don’t kid yourself, we do not have a perfect marriage because we are two incredibly imperfect people. We’ve certainly had our share of painfully hard times and lots of “scratchy” in our nearly 20 years. But I will tell you one thing— a man who loves Jesus first, most and best… well, that is absolute gold, y’all. And listening to him preach words that he believes into his soul and lives out daily… gosh, it just makes me want to marry him all over again.

To all my single girls out there, I will always pray that God brings you a man who loves Jesus more than he loves you. Do not settle for anything less! You hear me? And you be sure that you’re the kind of gal who attracts that kind of man— make sure Jesus is you’re number one, too! OK?

I love you, John Tolson. Every single day.

xo- P😘♥️