Ep 4 | Surrendering to Jesus

Summary: In this episode I’m going to continue telling you part of my story in hopes that you can see how surrender was a big part of how I came to meet and marry my husband and come into the ministry that I have today. If you didn’t listen to last week’s episode, go back and do that and it’ll kinda catch you up to speed. But I’m going to start out by sharing with you some of what I was going through before I met my husband, John, and after I had that big turning point in my life where I really started to fall in love with Jesus.

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Today’s Challenge: What is your heart set on? What is it that you’re longing for… that thing you’re convinced that if only God gave it to you would bring you contentment and happiness? What is it? Do you want it more than anything? Because that thing, whatever it is, is driving you. And that thing is most likely the thing you want more than you want Jesus.

Are you seeking his hand (what he can give you) instead of his face (who he is)? Here’s the question: Where would your relationship with Jesus be if he told you that you would never have that thing?

God only gives us good gifts. Like the good, loving and protective Father that he is, he will not give us what is not his very best for us. So- Where would your relationship be with him if he told you, “No” to that thing. Talk it over with the Lord; ask him to show you what you’re holding so tightly to that you can’t take hold of him.

Would you be willing to surrender it- whatever it is, and pray, “More than what I want, Lord, I want what you want for me.” I strongly encourage you to pray that and lay that thing down. There’s freedom in that prayer, friend. And what’s more— if God says no to something, it’s because he always has a better yes.

Talk this over with your trusted friend or small group, then open God’s Word and seek God with all your heart. When you do, you will find him— not just to be something, but Everything you need.

Alright, that’s that for that, and don’t forget that you’re greatly and dearly loved by the King.

xo –P

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