Ep 84 | How to Save a Life

Ep 84 | How to Save a Life

Summary: Have you ever shared your faith in Jesus with another person? Don’t be embarrassed if you haven’t–about 95% of professing evangelical Christians have never shared their faith with another person. Why is that? As Christians, we know it’s important that we use what God has given us (our voices, our resources, our spheres of influence) to have an impact for Christ. Do you know what you believe and why you believe it? Then, share your faith! Not sure how? Tune in!

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Alright, that’s that for that, and don’t forget that you’re greatly and dearly loved by the King!


Hey There! C’mon in!

Hi! I’m Punky Tolson and I am Lover of Jesus! Crazy about His Word! Passionate about helping women fall in love with Jesus and live out the truth of God’s Word in real life. Gosh, I wish we could be sitting in my living room with our legs tucked underneath us, our bibles in our laps, Kleenex on the end table, and a really good cup of coffee in hand. That’s how I’ve done life-on-life with so many women over the past 20 years listening to them share their hearts and the realities of their life; loving them, encouraging them, showing them how to know God, to love Jesus and how to live His Word in their everyday life. So, c’mon in! It would be my honor to spend time with you… and show you how Jesus makes the profound difference in life.

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