100 Huntley Street with Punky Tolson


Recently, I traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to tape a segment with 100 Huntley Street– a Christian daily talk show that airs on television stations throughout Canada and the United States.

The trip was great. I met the most wonderful people- along the way, throughout my time there, and on my way home. It doesn’t matter what God has called us to- it’s the who that He values most. Always stop and make time for people. Thank God He did. The time at 100 Huntley St. went quickly; it was lots of fun and a tremendous blessing to see all that God has accomplished through David Mainse and the ministry and vision for Christian television He gave him so many decades ago.

I also had a great visit over dinner Tuesday night with Johanna Webster, the guest coordinator for the program. She’s a breast cancer “more than conqueror”, a “bosom buddy“, and an absolute delight! Moira Brown, one of the hosts of the show, did the interview with me. Moira is a fireball… funny and smart, deeply insightful with a true heart to see people know Jesus Christ. We could have talked for 3 hours or more! Even after the taping we had our own little “girl talk” going with Johanna.

As far as the interview- I trust that the Lord was “with my mouth” and that everything I said was what He put there. I got to give a shout out to my Bosom Buddy, Cheryl Black and others in one of the Komen race pictures they used from 2009. I pray that what I shared of my story has blessed the Lord and that when it airs on April 25th there will be women and men who are encouraged in some way… and who find the hope and the help that only Jesus can give.

Will you believe for that with me?



Click on the image below to watch the full interview!