Sending you my love…

Hello sweet friends!  I just wanted to jump back on the blog quickly to let you all know that – PRAISE THE LORD, I am really doing well after my surgery last Friday!  Very, very well… and I know it’s the result of massive amount of prayer that you all have offered up for the doctors, nurses, staff, JT and me!  Thank you Mille, Sharron and Michelle for coordinating that wonderful and generous prayer covering again!  I was blown away with the first one back in July… and now, again!  Sweet friends – you all have loved me and loved me well!  Just how much love can one woman stand in a lifetime?  I’m not sure, but I’ll tell you I’m reeling, again, with a love hangover!!

Had some sweet friends with us the morning of the surgery, and it’s only because I ask the Lord almost daily to keep a spirit of humility on me that I can share this lovely photo you.  My loving man strongly felt we needed to document the moment.  So sweet of him.

Punky's Surgery 1-22-10

And so it’s no wonder that Dr. Carpenter’s first words to me were, “That’s a good look.”   He didn’t need to follow that with “not”.  (FYI – Perhaps you may not want to pray that prayer as fervently as I have.)  I’m just sayin’…

Everyone was gathered in my little “suite” and at one point we were all laughing so hard about something that some nurses came in to see what was so funny and I thought – “Only with You, Lord!  Only with You could I possibly experience this much joy in the moments before surgery.”  Oh, praise Him!  Have I told you that He IS the Great Adventure and that He makes everything we do with Him a great adventure, too?

As soon as the anesthesiologist came in to give me something to “relax” me I shooed everyone out of the room. (The last time I was given something to relax me, it ended up being a short course in “true confessions” from college life, and my man has had a kick sharing that with all or friends and family ever since.  Not again.)  I was out like a light and the next thing I knew I was waking up.  Very cool how that works, except that there are 2 ½ hours of your life you have absolutely no memory of… no dreams… nothing!  Very weird.  But I know that God has accounted for every moment of them.

I was home by 2:30 PM Friday with my handsome nurse attending to me.  Felt good, but sore on Saturday.  Have two whopping bruises on either side of my waste from where Dr. C did a little “fat grafting”.  I think it’s kinda like liposuction – and my hat is off to anyone who has had that because this HURTS LIKE THE DICKENS!!!  (I think I’ll keep my thighs the way they are. 🙂  Sunday – I felt absolutely great and could not wait to get to church and worship!  So grateful to be feeling so well and good!!

So – today is the big day!  Bandages come off!  Going to see Dr. C at noon for the great unveiling of my new and improved Breastplate of Righteousness (see Ephesians 6:13-18)!!  But if you think I’m going to publish pictures of that YOU ARE OUT OF YOUR COTTON PICKIN’ MINDS!!!!  Love ya, but seriously…

Oh, just looked at the clock!  Gotta go get ready!  Just wanted to give you all an update and send some furious love your way today!  You are precious to me!  What would I do without you?  What would we do without Him?

Firmly in His grip!