Spring-Summer Bible Study Info!

Hi Friends!

This invitation goes out to any and all of you who want to participate with me… us, in a new Bible study this season.  ANYONE can participate – no matter where you live or what your schedule is, or if you’ve ever attended Bible study with us before!  Everyone is welcome!!  It’s gonna be fun… a little something new and different to stretch us a bit.  (As if!)  So… here goes!

Women at the Well (W@W) is gearing up to begin our small group Spring-Summer study of Jill Briscoe’s “8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life”. I’m excited about trying something new and hope you feel the same!  Since this is new for all of us, I’ve had a few questions come up about how this will work.  First of all, I just want to remind you again that this is a “new thing” we are doing just for the Spring/Summer W@W; secondly – I will “facilitate” this study weekly via the blog site – sometimes with a video blog and sometimes written form, providing you with more questions for your discussion group, or to challenge you with a practical application exercise; thirdly – DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE BLOG! I read something recently that said you should do one thing a week that scares you. So let the blog study be it for the summer! (grin)
Now – it’s up to YOU to join in!  You can do this study with a small group in your own home, or together with another friend, or by yourself, or online!  Of course, there are no set “rules” for our groups, but here are some suggestions that might make it easier for you to decide how you want to participate:

1. Purchase your copy of “8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life” at Logos Bookstore in Dallas, or online (ISBN # 1582293511).
2. Group Participation Options:
Option A:   Form a small group of 2-4 gals; this can be a group of W@W buddies, neighborhood friends, or whoever.  Meet weekly to discuss what you’ve learned, challenge one another and pray. Choose a time to meet each week and have members take turns facilitating weekly.  Discuss the lesson and questions in study guide at end of each chapter, pray together, encourage one another.  In your personal time outside of the small group, check the blog posts where I will “facilitate” that week’s lesson and give weekly encouragement, and then post your comments to participate in the larger W@W group discussion.
Option B:  Use this study as an opportunity for “outreach”! Maybe you have friends who would love to do a study with you, but aren’t able to attend W@W or are not familiar with the traditional “Bible study” setting. This is a great way to reach out to non-believers and new believers and strengthen your discipleship muscles! Again, in your personal time outside of the small group, read the blog and post comments to participate in the larger W@W group discussion.
Option C:   Do the study on your own, but participate in the online discussion by reading and commenting on the blog.

I know this is a little different, but I sure hope you’ll join in!  I’m really looking forward to studying along with you this spring & summer!!

Much love –

Details in a Nutshell:
What Bible study are we doing?
Jill Briscoe’s “8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life”.  
What is it about?
Making wise choices that will dramatically change your life for the better!  It’s the perfect follow-up to our study of Ephesians.  Jill looks at 8 “traps” that we women are prone to stepping into; traps that discourage us, defeat us, rob us of time, joy… and life, and for each trap, Jill gives us practical, really do-able tools to help us make the best choices; choices that will change your life for good!  Based on the wisdom from the book of James, the study offers simple guidelines for life’s complex choices. 
How long is it?
8-week study plus introduction week; you may begin your study at anytime.  All blog post lessons will be categorized under “8 Choices (Spring-Summer 2010)”.
When does it start?
We will kick off our study Monday, April 26th with an online launch and blog “check-in”. The intro lesson will begin on Wednesday, April 28th
How do I participate?
·  Check-in online via the blog (by leaving a comment) just to let us know who is participating in your small group. It’s not necessary to check-in to do the study, but we’d love to hear from you!
· Read the chapter indicated, answer questions in the “Study Guide” at the end of each chapter.
· In your personal time, check the weekly blog for online lesson.
· Meet with your group and/or participate in online discussion with other members. (see information above for #2 Group Participation Options)
What’s the schedule?
Beginning April 26th, I will post an introductory blog for our study of “8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life”.  A new blog will be posted each week that relates to the chapter we are reading. Follow along with me (or at the pace which your small group meets) and post your comments to participate in the group discussion. This allows all of W@W, including our out-of-town friends, to engage and interact with each other… learning from each other’s insight and experience!
Weekly Schedule:
Monday – April 26th – kickoff!  Online launch and check-in!
Wednesday – April 28th – Online Introduction lesson to “8 Choices”
Wednesday – May 5th – Chapter 1
Wednesday – May 12th – Chapter 2
Wednesday – May 19th – Chapter 3
Wednesday – May 26th – Chapter 4
Wednesday – June 2nd – Chapter 5
Wednesday – June 9th – Chapter 6
Wednesday – June 16th – Chapter 7
Wednesday – June 23rd – Chapter 8
Touch Base: Watch your email and the blog for announcements on “spur of the moment” get-togethers at random sites in Dallas area!
W@W All Groups Wrap Up and Get Together: Date TBD in early July!

How do I navigate the blog site?
The step-by-step instructions can be found by clicking on this link: Blog Overview
How do I leave a comment on the blog?
The step-by-step instructions can be found by clicking on this link: Leave a Comment

Please call or email Michelle to tell her who is in your group, or if you are looking for a group. Michelle@TolsonGroup.com or 214-521-0928.
Be sure to let Michelle know if you are participating in the Spring study so that you will be included in the weekly emails!
Pick up your copy of “8 Choices That Will Change a Woman’s Life” by Jill Brisco today!
Copies are available at Logos Bookstore in Snider Plaza or online. (ISBN # 1582293511)