Summer 2012 Bible Study Suggestions

How are my flourishing friends doing? Summer is just around the corner and that means it’s time to make summer Bible study plans! So here’s a list of my recommendations of some great Bible studies that will keep you in the word throughout the summer months.

My hope is that you will gather together a group of friends, neighbors, family or co-workers and study together this summer. We’ll use the Bible study blog site at to keep one another updated and share what we’ve been learning through our summer studies.

So, get your group together, choose one of the 4 studies below, or one of your own choosing. Then sign in on the blog to let us know you’re in, what you’re studying and with whom… and keep us posted on your summer adventures!

Ruth: Loss, Love & Legacy – Kelly Minter
Ruth’s journey of unbearable loss, redeeming love, and divine legacy comes alive in Kelly Minter’s Ruth – the second study in the Living Room Series. This 6-week Bible study delves into the noble character of Ruth, her unique relationship with her mother in-law Naomi, and her blossoming love with Boaz. If you’ve ever been devastated by loss, struggled as a stranger, longed to be loved, or wept along the way, you’ll find a place with Ruth.

Workbook – $12.95 at Christian bookstores or

Expecting to See Jesus – Anne Graham Lotz
The expanded edition of I Saw The LORD – is the result of Anne’s life lived in the hope of Jesus’ return. She has included a special video from the Mount of Olives in the Leader Kit, and new material in the book, to help you discover why we need to live in expectancy of seeing Jesus at any moment, until our faith becomes sight.

DVD Bible Study Leader Kit – $20.00; Participants Guide – $9.00; Paperback book (w/ study questions) – $12.00

At Christian bookstores or

Brave: Honest Questions Women Ask – Angela Thomas
This Bible study for women looks at the heart of what women are thinking and feeling. Angela speaks to participants about deep feelings that all women have at one time or another. She looks boldly at some of the fears and struggles of being a woman, and she helps us see how we can be brave in the face of those challenges. It takes a brave woman to ask these questions and dig into these topics alongside other believers. We’ve all got insecurities, flaws, and struggles that we’re afraid to address. But if we can be brave enough to raise the questions, God will answer us. You’ve got questions. God’s got answers. Be brave. Ask.

6 weeks of study, 5 days a week. 2 DVD’s with 7 Group Sessions. Video/audio resources can be downloaded online at or purchased at Christian bookstores.

Based on the book: Do You Know Who I Am?

Nehemiah: A heart that can break – Kelly Minter
Nehemiah had to have a heart that could break so he could restore a wall that was broken. In this 7 session Bible study for women, Nehemiah’s heart for the oppressed, suffering and poor is a beacon whose light shines on the current call of the church to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This study also addresses teamwork, integrity, generosity, truth in culture, God’s compassion, and much more. Nehemiah also includes 7 video sessions and compelling interviews that will help you put feet to your faith (see DVD kit). Discover what God has put in your heart to do through the study of His Word, and let God break your heart for the lost and hurting, because a breaking heart is often what God uses to restore the broken.

Video resources can be purchased at Christian bookstores or downloaded online at -or at

OK, sisters, let me know what you’ll be studying this summer and let’s be sure and stay connected (this will keep us from missing one another so much)! Can’t wait to hear from you!!

Love you like crazy… and so does Jesus!!