The Front Lines of Faith

God calls us— not to take center stage, or ascend a platform of fame. No, God calls us to the front line. He calls us not to the limelight, but to let our light shine for him in places and in ways that go unnoticed by most…unrecognized; often unappreciated and looked over.

But God does not look over your faithfulness to him. He sees your heart. He knows you’re not a platform builder— that you seek no glory of your own…not the slightest bit. He knows you’re more than willing to *be* the stage upon where He stands… where He shines and where He gets all the glory, honor and praise. It’s there… on the front lines, fighting the good fight of faith… that’s where the applause of Heaven roars above the applause of man. For His recognition, for the victory He delivers. For His name and His fame.

♥️ The front line is for making His name known!

If we are reaching for front and center, we’ll never reach the front line. And the front line is where the victory is. The front line is where He is!

READ: Isaiah 26:8 and Matthew 5:16

xo- P♥️