The Holy Spirit Is Our Helper

So, why is the Holy Spirit so important, and who is he anyway? Well, the Holy Spirit goes by several names in scripture, primarily the helper. And like we talked about before, Satan goes by many names and we can tell a lot about his character by his different names. We can also tell a lot about who the Holy Spirit is and his character (which is the character of God) when you listen to his names.⠀

As a follower of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit is the one who helps you and gives you that supernatural power that enables you and me to walk by faith and live the Christian life while we’re on this planet. He’s also called the comforter because he consoles us. He’s called the counselor because he guides us and counsels us according to God’s truth. He’s our advocate because defends us and he supports us. He’s our intercessor because he prays for us and pleads on our behalf. He’s our strengthener because he animates our life with supernatural power and lives through us. He enlightens us to God’s Word, makes us wise and gives us understanding of the Scriptures.⠀

The Holy Spirit also leads you and me to obey the truth of God’s Word. He is called the Spirit of Truth, so he is always going to lead us according to God’s Word.⠀

+ He will always tell you the truth.⠀
+ He will always lead you to the truth of God in the Bible.⠀

The Holy Spirit—our helper, our counselor, our comfort, our strengthener, our intercessor, our advocate, and yes, our friend, all of him– is inside each person who has placed faith in Jesus Christ and made him Lord of their life. He lives inside you, dwelling in you, helping you and giving you power to do what God wants you to do, to say what God wants you to say, to live the way God wants you to live… which is the best life, the best way.⠀

Do you know him? Who has he shown you to be in your life?

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀