The Magnificent Obsession – Chapter Nine

The Magnificent Obsession – Chapter Nine

Pass Everything On

“Who will pursue God because you do?  Who will make it the priority of their lives to know God as Abraham did, and make Him known to others, because you have?  Who will refuse to settle for anything less than everything God wants to give them because you’ve refused to settle for less?  To whom are you and I passing the baton?  We need to be as intentional as Abraham was about passing everything on because we have also been commissioned by the Father to find a bride for the Son…”

                                          The Magnificent Obsession, p. 228

Influence: the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others. Each of us has been influenced in some way by someone or something.  And while we may not consider ourselves to be a particularly “influential” person, the fact is that each of us has within us the God-given capacity to “produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions of others.” 

Therefore, if we understand this to be true, then the more intentionally we live our lives, the greater the influence we will have on others.  And the more intentionally we live our lives for Christ, the greater the kingdom impact our lives will make. 

And so… what kind of an impact is your life having?  What kind of an influence have you had on the people around you… in your family, with your co-workers, your friends and the people who serve you?

Each day brings to us many opportunities to live our lives intentionally, with purpose, and with an aim that is eternal.  How will you live this day of your life to make a difference for Christ?  Who will you influence today?  And who will pursue God because you do?

I’ll wrap up our study next week, but for now please savor this final chapter of the Magnificent Obsession!

xo – P

Scripture Reading: Genesis 24
Read Chapter 9 – Magnificent Obsession

Questions for Small Group Discussion and Blog:

1. Who has influenced you? Is there a person in your life who has pursued God in such a way that he or she has positively and passionately influenced your faith and pursuit of God? In what ways has this person personally influenced your faith?

  • Describe a few aspects of this person’s life that have most revealed the magnificent obsession to you.

2.  Abraham was intentional in passing everything on. What does it mean to you to “pass everything on”?

  • As you consider your life today, what are you passing along and to whom are you passing it?

3.  The best indicator of what is most important to us can be found in the pages of our calendars, bank and charge card statements. OK, go grab yours and let’s make some observations about how your time and money is invested verses spent?

  • To what is the majority of your time allocated?
  • To what is the majority of your money allocated?
  • How many of those things would be considered kingdom “investments” verses time and money simply spent?
  • How much time do you intentionally spend investing your life in others for the sake of the Gospel (to encourage, teach, build up… disciple in the the faith)?

4.  Abraham lived an “intentional” life of faith. Another way of saying it might be that Abraham lived his life “on purpose” for a greater Purpose. Living intentionally and purposefully requires serious thought and consideration not only about how we are living our lives, but the intended direction and result of our lives. How intentionally and purposefully are you living your life and is it making a difference for Christ? Consider the following areas:

  • Your personal life
  • Your relationships
  • Your social life
  • Your professional life
  • Your finances

For Personal Prayer & Reflection:

Pass Everything On~
The saying is true: “Only one life, t’will soon be passed; only what’s done for Christ will last.” Not all “good works” will last, but only those things that Jesus considers to be “eternal” works- the things that will last forever. And what kinds of things last forever? God’s Word tells us that only two things will “remain” throughout eternity: The Word of God (His Truth), and people. Jesus has commanded each of us to “bear fruit that will last” (John 15:16); reproducing our life of faith in the life of another… paying it forward, passing it on, helping another gal grow up in the way of the Lord. So…

How are you intentionally investing your own life in the life of another gal, for Christ’s sake? 

Or- what’s keeping your from intentionally investing your life- mentoring, discipling another?

There is no great joy than sharing the magnificent obsession with another individual. There is no greater satisfaction and fulfillment in life than spiritually “mothering” another woman in her life of faith; helping her to grow up in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. This is not just my personal opinion, it’s my conviction… and it’s Jesus’ command for you, my dear sister. Using your life, your one and only life, for this great purpose is the best investment you will ever make. 

One day we will speak with our Creator face-to-face, and there we will give an account to Him of how we lived the life He gave us; how we intentionally invested it for His glory. Our lives will be judged and rewarded based on three things: Truth, Opportunity & Stewardship.

1) In light of how much of God’s TRUTH I knew and lived
2) The OPPORTUNITIES I was given
3) What I did with what I was given (STEWARDSHIP)

We will receive our heavenly “reward” based on our results. 

As we come to the final chapter of the Magnificent Obsession, please take some prayerful time to consider your life, your passions, your pursuits, your purpose and where they are currently taking you. Is your life passing on the Magnificent Obsession? And who will pursue God because you do?