The Wonder of Our Hearts


In this Advent season, I’d like to share some excerpts from the Introduction of Paul Tripp’s advent devotional: Come, Let Us Adore Him.

He writes:

The story of Jesus “is a mind-boggling, hard-to-grasp, awesome story unlike any other story ever told. But what makes this story so wonderful and so important is not that its plot is way beyond anything you would’ve ever conceived. What makes this story vital to know and understand is that it is not a well-crafted fantasy.

The thing that should make you stop in your tracks, activate your heart and mind, and fall to your knees is that this story is real. It took place in real time at real locations with real people.

I’ve thought a lot about the danger of familiarity in our lives as the children of God. It is good to be familiar with the story of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It means that God has met you by grace. It means that he has opened the eyes of your heart, to what, without him, you would not see or understand.

But familiarity often does bad things to us. Often when we become familiar with things, we begin to take them for granted… we tend to quit examining them… we quit noticing them… we tend not to celebrate them as we once did. Familiarity robs us of wonder. And here’s what’s important about this: what has captured the wonder of our hearts will control the way we live.

I know how easy it is for me, on any given day, to forget who I am and what I have been given in the person and work of Jesus. Other things in life capture my attention and the allegiance of my heart… And when other things capture and control my heart, little room remains for wonder and worship.”

(Paul Tripp, Come, Let Us Adore Him)

So, friends – that is my prayer for you! Let us wonder and worship together and really examine the word of God as we focus on the birth of Jesus. Join me, won’t you?

Merry Christmas!
I love y’all!
xo– P❤️