There’s No Freedom Without Fences

Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? I have a couple of times and I love it because it’s a massive expanse of greatness and you can just see how the hand of God carved it out. When you visit, there are lookout points with railings and guardrails along the perimeter to keep you safe from falling over into the Grand Canyon, which is more than a mile down.⠀

Well, sadly, it never fails that at some point during the tourist season there are people who decide to go out where there is no guardrail. They want the perfect picture or selfie, and they disregard the protective barriers and end up slipping and falling to their death. It’s horribly unfortunate. Why am I sharing this? Because the guard rails keep us safe! They protect us—while still letting us enjoy the fullness of the beauty and the wonder of the Grand Canyon from a protected, safe distance… without fear of death.⠀

The boundaries of God’s laws do the same for us. They are for our good, and they enable us to live the best life, a life that distinguishes us among all other people and says, our God is great and good and loving. If you are new to God’s word and all you see are rules, rules, and more rules when you read it– my dear friend, you are missing it. You are missing God’s great love for you in it. And more, you are listening to the lies of Satan. He’s the deceiver and he twists God’s truth to cause us to doubt God’s goodness. He will do whatever he can to keep you from reading God’s word… which is why you have to fight to make it a priority, so that you know the truth and you see the guardrails God gave us not as barriers to our freedom, but as the very freedom we need to enjoy a full life.⠀

There’s no freedom without fences.⠀

I love y’all!⠀
xo – P♥️⠀

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