What are you facing?

It bears repeating: An idol is anything we focus on more than God. Anything we love more, think about more or give more attention to; anything we spend more time and money on, or give more credit or credence to than God.

Let’s break down Exodus 20:3, the 1st Commandment: You shall have “no other” gods [none other, elsewhere, or following, above, next to, over, in addition to] “before Me” [face turned toward any other]. Think about that.

“This is one commandment most of us don’t think we ever break. We tend to imagine an idol worshipper lying prostrate before a carved image. Yet, the command is much broader than that. An idol is anything or anyone who takes the place of God in our lives. It is anything—an object, idea, philosophy, habit, occupation, sport, or person—that is your primary concern, or that to any degree decreases your trust and loyalty to God” (Harvest.org).

The fact is we’re all idol factories. We’re all “prone to wander” off toward whatever fascinates us, captures our attention and affections. Facing what we find fascinating, we’re prone to follow.

Look at the the sunflower. Ever noticed why its *face* turns throughout the day? Sunflowers are biologically wired to follow the sun. Mature sunflowers face east to catch the FIRST RAYS OF LIGHT and track the sun throughout the day.

Ever wonder why you’re so exhausted from all the news watching and social media following? Because you and I are internally wired by our Creator to follow the Son; to face him, pursue him and seek his truth instead of craning our necks in other directions. It’s not only exhausting; it’s dangerous. Facing away from the natural sunlight, the sunflower fails to grow and thrive. Alas, if we keep facing away from God toward the gods of this world, we will fail to thrive. And failure to thrive Christians cannot stand up to the harsh climate of the culture.

If God is who He claims to be, then He must be FIRST and MOST in our lives—before everyone and everything else.

What or who are you facing? What has been the first light in your life these past months and days? Friend, it’s time to refocus, turn you face toward Jesus and keep your eyes fixed on him.

Read the following quote through a couple of times and let it sink in:

“Our God is the person we think most precious, for whom we would make the greatest sacrifice, and who moves our hearts with the warmest love. He (or it) is the person who, if we lost him, would leave us desolate.”

-Alan Redpath

Think it through. How would you respond to this?

I love y’all!

xo – P♥️