What do you lost most?

We lean in the direction of our longings; the thing or things that captivate our heart and mind will determine our course in life— what we do and where we go. So, we will either be positively or negatively affected by the affections of our heart.

Therefore, what we love most must be a love that is 100% faithful, reliable and trustworthy; a love that never lets us down or ever lets us go; a love that never changes its mind about us, turns it’s back and forgets about us; a love that only has what’s best for us, and never loses affection for us. Ever.

Doesn’t it make sense then, that the only true love worth loving with all you’ve got is the Lover of your soul Who has loved you with all He had to give?

  • What is your heart crying out for?
  • What are your deepest longings?
  • What do you love first, most and best?
  • What are you chasing after and where is it leading you?
  • Where are you searching and what are you seeking to get filled up with, satisfied with or thrilled by?
  • And how are you going about getting that?

Whatever that thing is, whoever that one is— will never be able to love you and satisfy you like Jesus will.

Love him first, most, and best and watch how far he takes you in the right direction!

I love y’all!
xo P♥️