What God Looks & Sounds Like

If you want to see what God is like, watch Jesus. Jesus is the living Word of God.

If you want to hear God speak, listen to the Bible. It is the written Word of God.

The primary way that God speaks to us today is in his Word (in the Scriptures) and through his son. He speaks to our heart, but it takes some practice to be able to listen with our heart. That’s a quiet place. It’s deep.

It’s like taking a deep dive in the ocean. When you’re scuba diving and you go down to where you don’t even know there’s waves rolling above you– it’s that quiet. And that’s what we’ve got to practice to getting into… this place where we listen to God in the depths of our heart.

We have to learn to be comfortable in that silence so that we can tune out all the other voices and tune our ear to his voice, to listen and hear God speaking through his living and written Word.

For more helpful instruction, listen or watch Episode 75 | Listening to Jesus by clicking on the link in bio + clicking this image.

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