What makes you a follower of Jesus?

Jesus said, “Come follow me…” (Mark 1:17). So, what does following him mean? Simply—

Come after me;
Stick close behind me;
Walk the same path of life that I walk;
Let me be your Leader, your Good Shepherd, your Master;
Learn from me and do what I do,
Say what I say,
Love whom I love…

…And in the process you will become like Me.

Church attendance doesn’t make you a follower of Christ.
Tithing doesn’t make you a follower of Christ.
Going to seminary doesn’t make you a follower of Christ.
Leading a ministry doesn’t make you a follower of Christ.
These are all good and worthy things, but in and of themselves, they do not make a person a “follower of Jesus Christ.”

What makes a person a follower of Jesus…is following Jesus.

Start now.

1.) Open your Bible to the Gospel of John and follow Jesus through the pages of Scripture. Listen to what he says; watch what he does and how he does it; look at who he hangs out with; see who he loves. Pay close attention to every aspect of his life and how he lived it!

2.) Then, go and do likewise.

That’s how we follow Jesus. And when we follow Jesus, we will become like Jesus! #lifegoal, Romans 8:29.

And If at first you don’t succeed, just know that you’re not alone. Nobody follows perfectly 100% of the time. But there’s grace and the power of the Holy Spirit to get back up, fall in line and get going again.

Don’t worry; he’ll wait for you; he will help you. Good Shepherds always do.

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️