Who is the love of your life?

God’s Word has the power to change us; we’re told in Hebrews, it’s “living and active,” and it should change us when we read it. When we study it, it transforms the way we think. It renews our mind, but even more so, it breathes life and love into our heart.

Studying God’s Word breathes love into our heart because we gain a greater understanding of who God is. And God is Love. Reading and studying the Word of God leads us to know Jesus, love Jesus, and follow Jesus all the days of our lives—helping others to do the same. It’s a love relationship he’s after with you and me. That’s what he wants first and foremost: a love relationship.

Ages ago, I was at rock bottom; the bottommost part of my life I ever care to be again. God let me get to that point where I surrendered all to him. I was so desperate and yearning for love that all I could think to say was, “Jesus, I just want to fall in love with you.”

Y’all, that was my approach to the Scriptures. I didn’t know what falling in love with Jesus looked like. I didn’t even know how to go about it; but I knew I wanted it—I wanted him. So, all I did was pick up my Bible night after night, prayed that prayer to fall in love with him, opened it up and start reading.

I asked simple questions. “God, who are you? Show me! Show me who I am and tell me what you want me to do.” It was weird and kind of awkward at first, this way of having a conversation with God to get to know him. But once I started reading his Word and approaching from a position of just wanting to love him…well, it changed everything.

Y’all, I believe it will change things for you, too; and that you’ll step away from time in God’s Word wanting more…eager to come back day after day. It did with me. It didn’t happen overnight, but it did happen!

Start today. Approach your time in God’s Word with the desire to know him and to love him. Because you’ll never love him and trust him unless you know him. And right there in the pages of Scripture is where the love starts!

I love y’all!
xo – P♥️